Laura Beskid

Web Designer. SEO and Marketing Consultant.

My favorites: Lobster, Mountain biking, Jesus and Georgia. Not in that order!

I'm a mom to two amazing girls who enjoy road trips, mountain biking, running and hiking with me on the weekends. We also like spending time at home together by playing games or going for swims outside - it's one of my favorite things about summertime here in GA! In addition to all this fun stuff, I really love reading or listening to books (especially anything nerdy or business related) which is why you'll find me building websites and working as an SEO Specialist during the day.

I’ve always been passionate about small businesses succeeding online. I know how it feels to be a business owner starting out in the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship and not have any idea what you're doing, especially when everyone else seems so much more competent than you are at first glance. That's why I started LeadMode Digital Marketing; as somebody who knows firsthand how difficult it is for new or struggling entrepreneurs looking for quality services that they can trust with their hard-earned money - because we've all been there before!

I founded LeadMode back in 2015 after realizing just how many people were trying to succeed on their own without help from anybody while being completely overwhelmed by technology – something which saw them sabotage themselves unwittingly through poor web sites and no knowledge of marketing.

I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with business owners, and I understand the challenges they face. When you run your own small business, it can seem like everyone has their act together but not you. I'm proud to have started LeadMode Digital Marketing, an affordable and professional digital marketing firm that helps small to medium-sized businesses get the online presence they deserve.  I learned a lot about customer service during this time and I wanted to provide great service and customized work in a down-to-earth manner that would help my clients feel like a part of the process.

I am committed to providing our clients a head start by leveraging all of the knowledge, resources and ability to work with them to make their company look as an experienced mega firm while not spending a fortune.

I am determined to set other business owners up for success no matter what stage your company is currently in. With years of experience I realized that I can't be a one-stop shop for everyone, so instead, my focus is on building successful digital marketing and SEO campaigns for flooring businesses by providing them with all the information and resources needed to stay ahead of their competition!

The best long-term relationships come from a partner who can listen and carefully hear what your needs are. I take pride in my ability to listen and really understand what is important to you. In my line of work, I have to be an expert in the latest Google updates while also keeping up with customer service standards. The end result is that you get the perfect digital solution for your business with strong brand voice!

A website is the story of your business. It's what customers first see, and how they judge you as a company before deciding to buy from you or not. We make sure that our clients are happy with their websites because we know it will reflect on them in both professional and personal ways.

I have a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them grow their visions into reality. I love meeting goals, whether it's increased traffic or better conversion rates on your website, you can always count on me to be there every step of the way!

When you come to me with your digital marketing needs, I'll work hard for you. With years of experience in a variety industries under my belt and an eye on the future, LeadMode Digital Marketing is always ready to take on any challenge that comes our way - whether it's helping small businesses get their first website or crafting custom lead generation campaigns. I work with businesses in all different industries to create digital solutions that meet every need and exceed every goal but my favorite industry is flooring.

When you call LeadMode Digital Marketing, I’ll be your partner for success!