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Helping Local Flooring Companies make more money by leveraging the power of SEO and Lead Generation

We are a family owned and operated digital marketing company here to help you connect your business with its customers. We will work hard to make sure all the details align together seamlessly so that both parties, you and your customer win in this equation!

We're experts when it comes to connecting brands directly with their target audience. We understand what drives consumers' purchasing decisions and how best they should be reached.

We have real world experience helping flooring companies to grow their businesses. We also worked with landscaping companies, trucking and cleaning services.

We start with your website and we customize your marketing plans to your needs.

We are not for everyone and we choose the businesses we work with, based on the return we can offer on the investment they make. We only work with service based businesses and specialize in Flooring.

What makes us different from other Digital Marketing Agencies?

Our Results prove we are the best digital marketing agency in Sugar Hill, when it comes to internet marketing services

With heavy hitters such as Lowes and Home Depot as your competitors, the flooring business is one with tough competition. That can be beaten though, if you use digital marketing for your flooring business. It's undeniable that digital marketing is the way to go. A good marketing strategy can help you stand out as one of their competitors even if they're bigger than you! When your company focuses on building a strong online presence through website SEO, SEM and utilizing social media outlets like Facebook advertising for example, you'll realize just how much value this can bring to your business in terms of increased traffic from potential customers as well as an increase in conversions due all those people who have seen or interacted with posts about your site!

We have cost effective solutions you can depend on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.​ 

Our solutions will get you unlimited traffic to you website, make your brand known, will help you in building your customer base, get you more leads. Your only job is to turn all this leads into sales. This is something that only you can do!

What makes us different from other Agencies:

Focus On Driving Customers Into Your Business

No Long Term Contracts

We Know Your Industry

No Outsourcing To Low Cost Labor Countries

Fixed Price

We generate More Leads

We’re Loyal to our Clients! Once you sign up with us, we won’t even talk to your competition. we only work with one business in your industry in every city.

ranked 1st in Maps

Ranked #1 both in Maps and Organic Search

Ranked #1 both in Maps and Organic Search

Ranked #2 both in Maps and Organic Search

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A website offers a hassle-free and private way for your prospects to find out about you, develop trust in what you offer!

The best internet marketing strategy is to rank your GMB listing on the first page of search engine results. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to market your business because over 70% people will find you via a search engine and not having a listing means missing out on this huge chunk of potential customers!

We take care of optimizing your Google Map and Local Listing presence.

The more control you have over your lead flow, the faster it will generate leads. PPC and Google Ads are a great way to do that because they can generate them much quicker than traditional organic or local optimization efforts.

A well-planned and executed SEO plan is a must to work your way to the top of the page. And even after you achieve such place, it takes continuing work to keep it.

When you're looking for the top spot on a page, let us work hard for it!

The key to a successful lead generation campaign is to attract and capture the attention of potential customers. Once their interest has been caught, it's important that you follow up on your initial contact by providing them with all relevant information about what they had shown an interest in.

Our process of local lead generation include SEO, PPC and other methods to generate more leads for your company

The power of Facebook ads is that they allow you the ability to target your audience based on their interests and habits. You will be able drive calls and leads directly back into your business with these targeted advertising strategies.

Customers Are Searching For Your Services Online 24/7/365

We Make Sure You Can Be Found!

Your website should just be one tool in your marketing plan. It isn't a complete strategy for success, but it is an important component that needs to be managed with care and attention because if done wrong can potentially damage the reputation of any company or brand.

Our core program includes all of the most vital components to maintaining your organic online presence, which will help you stay ahead on trends and best practices without having to dedicate additional time from staff members who are already bogged down by other responsibilities like customer service calls and high turnover rates caused by low morale due lack of job satisfaction among employees.

This means more free time for managers themselves as well! We customize each business's marketing plan so they're guaranteed results based on their own specific needs and budget!

Call Tracking is an essential part of SEO and lead generation process!

How are you tracking your results?

Frequently Asked Questions

Support service is always there for you!

What should the customer know about your pricing?

Websites are priced according to industry and the platform they’re built on. Some web designs require more technical skills while others may be less complicated, yet creative in their own way. I highly recommend SEO services as well since it’s such an essential practice for websites these days!

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A good web designer will have a clear understanding of your needs and spend time listening to the vision you want. They should provide samples, show their work in action with past projects from diverse clients, and be able to answer questions about hosting providers, how to manage DNS name changes or backend access when necessary. Trust that they’ll build something for you worth watching over the long haul – it’s well-worth asking these important questions before diving head first into anything else.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

I like to get down and dirty with my customers during a consultation. I love hearing about their needs, so that we can figure out the best way for me to help them reach those goals!I usually have an initial 30-60 minute meeting with any potential customer where we chat it up and find out what you’re truly looking for, listen to your needs, gather any relevant information necessary about your project (or projects) & then provide some suggestions on course of action based off our conversation.This is also when they let me know what kind of service or products they’re looking for, allowing us both to better serve each other in the end! Once all of this has been discussed, then it’s time to set some ground rules on budgeting options.To make sure your business gets the attention it deserves, I’ve gathered all of this information about what you do and get to know who you are. The first step is deciding on a course of action so that we can design something specific for your company personality – but whatever new site we choose needs to reflect everything important about you!When I finish a site and the client is satisfied, we launch it! This can be really exciting for my clients. It’s also when I usually start working on SEO or marketing tasks if they’re part of their package.

What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

As a business owner, you should be aware of the importance of having an up-to-date website. Not only does it create for more exposure and potential customers (who are most likely in search), but also can make your company seem like professional with capabilities to help them succeed. Here is what you need to know when updating or creating this vital tool: What do I want my site visitors/potential clients to see? What am I hoping to accomplish with my website or social media account(s)? What information would make sense for me to highlight on this site/account’s homepage (or content page)? Do they have access information about who we are and how long our services go back before ever contacting us? Does my content reflect the tone that best suits me as a company; What are some other goals that might help guide these decisions- like getting clients into office hours more easily in order not only offer better client service but also utilize our time as employees more efficiently; showcasing new products so customers have an easier way to find them while making sure we’re up-to-date with inventory levels every single day; or even just highlighting upcoming events!

What is an SEO expert?

As a search engine optimization specialist, my job is to solve the algorithm by which these major search engines rank websites. I will do this through strategic SEO techniques such as keyword selection, link building and content creation and optimization in order to create an engaging web presence for your company that you can be proud of!

The SEO process of optimizing a website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engines is done by creating a trail online. This can be achieved by taking time and energy in crafting citations for your posts and backlinks which will boost your websites rank on Google SERPS

Is SEO right for my business?

If your business depends on search results from places like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, then YES. You need SEO if you want to stay afloat in this digital age. If your customers are more likely to find you online (say for service-based businesses or product offerings), then it’s important that they can do so easily through searches with the best keywords possible.

But what about those who offer products where their customer base doesn't rely as much on things done digitally? (Do they still exist?)

The benefits of organic ranking often work well for smaller companies without many resources at hand looking to grow quickly into something bigger than themselves

SEO is a powerful tool for any business to use in order to boost their search ranking. This has been shown time again with service-based industries like contractors that have actually boosted their traffic through SEO campaigns.

What if I already have a website, can you still help my business?

Yes! We can audit your current website and tell you what to do with it. You might want more SEO, or a paid ad campaign- we'll work out the perfect plan for your budget as well as any goals you might have in mind.

What is “Local Lead Generation”?

Local lead generation is hot in today’s market and places like HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Angie's list have cornered the market. However, that doesn't mean your service-based business can't get a piece of this pie!

Local lead generation is something we offer to service-based businesses clients that partner with us!

We are able to generate leads fast without having to resort to costly advertising campaigns.

We're confident that our lead-generating services will produce the great results you want. We only send leads to one business (yours) and we give you everything it brings in, so ask us how to get started today!

What types of customers have you worked with?

I’ve helped many businesses grow with digital solutions. I also work for high-level professionals who want to assert their authority in a niche and gain an unfair advantage the marketplace. From trucking companies, construction firms, antique restoration, roofing, lawn care teams…you name it!I do specialize in digital marketing for Flooring companies and they are my favorite industry that’s why I do offer special discounts for them. Check out my pricing page for more information

How it Works

For over 6 years, we have helped businesses from GA. generate more calls, generate better calls and get the most out of each call! We've developed a set of marketing strategies that stand the test of time to offer you long-lasting ROI that will help you dominate your market and grow


Set Your Goal

Are you a flooring installer in Atlanta that services 6 different towns and wants all the hardwood floor installation jobs you can handle? Or are you after laminate flooring installation in the suburbs? Once we know your business goals, our team will analyze your market, research your competition, and create a customized action plan to meet them.


We run your SEO campaign

To rank high in Google, it takes more than 200 signals to determine where your site should rank for valuable searches like “hardwood flooring installation Atlanta” and “flooring installer in Buford”. But each month, we’ll focus on the ones that will make a difference for your business.


Creation or website optimization

Don't have a website? No problem! Our team can build one from scratch.

Already have a website you love that isn’t performing as well as it should be, due to outdated coding or slow load times on mobile devices and browsers? Let us show how we optimize websites without affecting their look and feel with our proprietary methods - no matter where your site started off in the first place.


You get calls

Rankings are neat, but calls and form submissions take the cake.


We support you, every step of the way

Do you need help with handling your reviews? Or maybe you're just too busy to handle those incoming calls. Whatever the problem may be, we've got some solutions for ya!

Contact us for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you.

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