Why do I Need a Call Tracking Service in Sugar Hill /Buford, GA

Here’s what What we offer:

Link the number of incoming calls to the efficiency of an advertising channel

Make accurate calculations of ROI for marketing campaigns

Measure expenses for different type of advertisements

Optimize the marketing budget to favor more efficient marketing channels.

What Is Call Tracking

Call tracking is a tool used by businesses for tracing the origins of their phone calls and the conversions that result.

Call tracking can be used to track your leads, sales and where the call originated from.

Call Tracking relies on multiple numbers that automatically forward your business number, which gives you an accurate source for where leads are coming from without having to rely solely off caller ID or other methods. This makes it easier for our marketing team because we can adjust accordingly if there’s a dip in conversion rates based off trends found through call tracking data while also being able to collect better information about what customers need/want so we can be more effective in our marketing campaigns.

Call tracking can help you understand which channel is generating the most leads, and not just which one has generated a conversion. This way it’s easier to evaluate your strategy on an ad hoc basis so that you’re always doing what works best for your marketing goals.

With call tracking, phone leads are easy to attribute and measure. With analytical data on customer’s experiences with your brand gathered via call tracking, you can increase sales by improving their experience.

How Does Call Tracking Works?

The call tracking service registers the caller’s session and discerns what information about them is relevant. They then provide this data to us, so that we can target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Call tracking has come a long way since its introduction into marketing in 2007. Today’s systems are able to discern pertinent visitor information including geographical location, browser type used by caller, time spent on site as well as pages viewed or scrolled through while browsing the website and whether these actions resulted in eventual conversion from viewing page content to making an online purchase.

Why is LeadMode Digital Marketing using call tracking in our SEO and lead generation efforts?

Some of the information we gather during call tracking help us:


Keyword that brought the person to the website.

Using paid advertising to determine which keyword draws more clicks/ visitors to the website, we can focus our organic SEO efforts on the most profitable key words for your business. Call tracking not only tells us which keywords are driving conversion, but also able to know who is calling and how they found your company. With visitor level call tracking we assign a unique phone number from our pool of numbers to each individual visitor that visits your website or

calls in so there’s no chance for anyone getting tracked twice!


Call recording can help you provide better customer service.

Call recordings can help you filter out leads who aren’t likely to convert so you can invest more time with the ones who are.

You can listen in on talks between callers and your customer service or sales team by recording phone calls. Being able to analyze these interactions can be invaluable for improving the way that employees handle customers, as well as training them how not to make mistakes when talking with people who are dealing with a stressful situation.


Source of conversion.

Number tracking is a game-changer! It makes it easy to see where your customers are coming from.

Call tracking is a reliable way to track online and offline marketing campaigns.

Thanks to campaign level call tracking, you can place your company’s number in commercials or any other advertising venues and then measure the success of those efforts by measuring phone calls generated from your SEO campaign, ads campaign, billboards, flyers as well as other marketing sources.


Additional data for ad campaign optimization and SEO

Using call tracking, we will know the keywords they used and what ads or campaigns were clicked on, time of the day, location of the caller and other metrics we can use in our campaigns.

You can even listen to recordings of customer conversations in order to better understand their needs!


Other data we receive using a call tracking solution

The ad campaign if the calls comes in from Running Google AdWords or Facebook Ads

keyword that triggered the call

webpage that drove the call

The device the caller used to engage with your marketing

The day and time the call

The caller’s name

The caller’s phone number

The geographic location they called from

If they’re a new or repeat caller

If the call was answered

If the call went to voicemail

How long the caller waited on hold

If the caller abandoned the call

The duration of the call

If it was a sales or appointment opportunity

What services the caller expressed interest in

If the caller is looking to make a purchase soon

If the call resulted in a sale or appointment