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The flooring business is a tough industry. You need the best tools, equipment and experience to stay competitive in this highly saturated market - that's where we come in!

At LeadMode Digital Marketing our focus is on providing personalized digital marketing services for flooring contractors who want their company represented by an agency with award-winning work like ours but at prices they can afford.

You're trying to figure out where you want your flooring company to go?

Do you know what flooring marketing techniques will work best for it?

Why is marketing so important in the flooring industry?

When it comes to marketing, the majority of flooring business owners just can't seem to get their act together.

The average installer will look at what others in the flooring industry are doing and copy them without looking into why those things were successful or not--which is often a recipe for disaster.
The flooring business is a good lucrative business if you know how to get customers constantly on your schedule. If people don't know about what services your company offers then why would they give up their hard earned cash with no assurance that the work will even get done properly by someone else?
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You can make sure potential customers are aware of all the great things that your flooring installers do as well as how much money will they save by working with you, which makes sense for any homeowner who wants to take advantage and save big - especially in these tough times!


The Digital Age has changed the way people find information. Fewer and fewer rely on old-fashioned methods like word of mouth or newspapers, relying instead on search engines to sift through all of the data available online until they find what they're looking for.


While some may enjoy visiting big box stores or showrooms in order to get some real-world inspiration before making any decisions on hardwood flooring or other types of flooring they want to be installed in their home, many others have turned towards finding answers at home by surfing websites instead.


In order to be successful in the flooring business, it is crucial that you understand how flooring marketing and advertising can help your company grow. Without promotion and advertisement for your products or flooring services, there will no prospects coming through the door looking to make a purchase.


One of the most important elements for a successful flooring marketing plan is an emphasis on your online presence. Yes, you could drop some cash and take out advertising space in newspapers or phone books but those methods don't provide as targeted exposure to potential clients as digital media does.


Marketing has become increasingly more vital in today’s fast-paced world, where buyers are proactively researching options before even contacting a brand or salesperson. That means they’ve been looking at websites, checking prices, forming impressions of companies. This gives flooring companies the opportunity to showcase their services and products.


A well-planned and executed flooring marketing plan enables a company to build relationships with customers before they even make contact. These strong connections will result in increased sales! So when your potential customer is searching for the products or services you offer, it'll be easy to reach them first because of all the pre-established trust that has been built through solid content planning and execution.


Digital marketing is more important than ever before for flooring businesses, and the only way to stand out in this competitive digital space is with a smart strategy. Flooring companies need SEO strategies that track key performance indicators - otherwise, they'll fall victim to other competitors!

Why is it absolutely necessary for flooring companies to invest in online marketing?

97% of customers today are searching online for the right company to install their flooring. If you're not using a website, only 14 out of 100 people will know your business exists!

This is because if they don't find it in Google local search then 97 consumers won’t be able to locate you and make an appointment with you.

86% will use Google Maps and 82% search for the location on their phone (with some using both!). So you can imagine how important is to be on Google Maps and have a mobile optimized website! Local businesses need to be visible on mobile devices so people can easily access them!

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You might be left with a lot of contracts on the table and no new revenue coming in if you don’t create an effective digital marketing strategy for your flooring company.


Floor installers are missing out on the potential for exponential growth by not using digital marketing. With all of the advertising and promotions, it can be hard to stand out from other flooring companies—especially if you’re just starting up your business. However, there is a way that new entrepreneurs like yourself have at their disposal: online marketing with SEO techniques tailored specifically for local businesses looking to connect through websites or blogs where consumers go when they need information about products or services in their area


As an entrepreneur who installs floors as his company's main service offering--or any small-scale industry which needs prospects beyond word-of-mouth referrals--you know how important reaching customers outside one's inner circle is.


There are many different ways to market online, but all digital marketing strategies have one goal: turning a website visitor into your new customer. The people who visit your site or social media profiles show interest in what you're selling and should be treated as potential customers just like anyone else!


Many consumers turn specifically to search engines like Google Maps or google local search to try not only to locate but also review potential local service providers; showing clear benefits this has for both parties involved get what they want without the hassle: better quality services at lower prices


Nowadays it's not enough simply having a website with contact information; if customers can't find what they need through your site then chances are high that they'll switch over by going straight onto one of your competitors instead.


The best thing about online marketing is that you get to reach a huge audience. You don't have any geographical boundaries, which means your customers are even more interested in what you're selling! It's like fishing without the limitations of physical space or time; as long as there's internet access and an influx of potential clients looking for services similar to yours, then it doesn't matter when or where someone decides they want them.


You can increase your brand awareness and become a trusted authority in your industry by placing your business on several online platforms. And with the help of SEO, you drive more traffic to your website where conversion optimization techniques will provide leads for sales.

Understanding the necessity to shift your flooring company's marketing strategy to the online marketing

Online marketing is a form of communication that relies on the use of digital channels to promote products and services. From websites, social media, videos—all these are ways for businesses to get their message out there, While traditional marketing on the other hand involves traditional channels, like billboards and printed media, magazines and newspapers.

The digital revolution has changed the world, and now people prefer to search for information on Google. As your flooring company continues to grow in popularity due to word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers, it is only natural that you will want more visibility online - but where?
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There are many forms of marketing available today including TV commercials, newspaper ads, or local radio spots; however, these traditional tactics can be expensive because they reach a limited number of potential clients across a small geographic area. But with internet advertising like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords campaigns as a start and following up with a good SEO campaign and lead generation campaign there's no limit!


When used correctly though this form of Internet Marketing not only gives your business maximum exposure; but also helps bring new leads.


Today, more people are turning to the internet for their flooring inspiration. Big box stores and showroom floors can be overwhelming with all of the options available to customers; however, through a quick Google search or an online retailer's website you will find plenty of ideas that suit your needs.


The old-fashioned methods of marketing are outdated and inefficient, but with the new technology comes many more opportunities for success. With digital marketing, you can now track where your customers live to a zip code level just by following their favorite social media account!


Digital marketing is the new way to market your flooring services because everything can be tracked. With a traditional word-of-mouth approach, there will never really be any data on how it was spread or which zip code it came from.


With digital marketing, all of that information is available and you have real numbers as opposed to guesses about where customers are coming from based solely on their address like with regular advertising methods.


Another downside of traditional media when there's no social media presence means that customers may miss interaction opportunities where they could engage both staff members as well as other shoppers within this space--the opportunity for more input than just from company owners themselves. People shouldn’t fret though since modern day technology does offer platforms like Facebook for these interactive purposes—where comments will range from praise all the way to complain.


Digital marketing allows us the ability to change our strategy in an instant. We can either focus on attracting new customers through promotional incentives or retargeting current ones with ads specific to their interests, both of which will increase revenue for your business!


In digital advertising, we don't have many limitations and endless opportunities that are available by using a multitude of different platforms such as Google Ads, Youtube Ads or Facebook Ads. There is no limit when it comes to what you want these advertisements say about your company.


Digital marketing allows companies to not only improve their strategies but also better interact with consumers. Digital advertising is instantaneously available and accessible at any time from anywhere by potential customers who are looking for products that will fulfill the satisfaction of their needs or desires.


As a flooring company, your site is just the beginning. You need to be at every single stage of digital marketing: optimizing your website for Google searches; paying-per-click with AdWords; capturing leads through different lead capture methods online, retargeting, making sure you have good reviews and all the questions answered and on social media too!


SEO leads close at a rate of 14.6% while traditional methods only have a 1.7% closing rate, making it 7x more likely that you will be able to convert the lead if you use SEO for your store!


SEO is the way to go if you want your business recognized. With consumers being less responsive, and most turning to search engines for their needs, it’s clear that traditional advertising just isn't going to work anymore. If companies are looking for a more effective form of marketing than SEO will do wonders because not only can they reach out across all platforms but with Google's ad platform there are ways in which businesses can be seen by those who might never know about them otherwise!

Understanding the many online marketing solutions provided to flooring companies

The floor installation market has been growing exponentially in the past few years.

In order to be competitive, you need a great digital marketing strategy! Finding the right marketing tactics for your flooring installer company can make or break you.

Top flooring companies know that you must never stop doing marketing for your flooring business. Even when you have more projects than you can handle, and many other things to do on any given day. Do not stop your marketing efforts just because there's too much work to be done! When a company stops promoting themselves then they will cease acquiring new customers for their business, which is why it's so important to never become complacent with the importance of maintaining an effective strategy in order to attract potential prospects into becoming future buyers/clients who are looking for services like yours.

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That being said we offer our services as solution providers and would love nothing more than help take some weight off of your shoulders by helping promote what YOU'VE DONE over time while also generating leads back towards you.


Flooring marketing is a complicated and nuanced topic with many opportunities available. But the most important thing you can do for your company's flooring business is to invest in its growth through SEO and advertising on search engines like Google and Bing or social media platforms such as Facebook Ads.


We offer specialized knowledge of these channels that will make sure your brand gets seen by potential customers all over the world!


But where do you start? There are nearly endless online marketing opportunities available to you - but we recommend focusing your efforts toward concentrating time, money, and effort towards our expert advice about flooring via google searches (SEO) or paid ads.


Traffic, Leads, Sales = a successful recipe for your floor installation company.


How can you turn the traffic on to success? The most important ingredient is leads. And if there's one thing we know about human nature it’s that everyone loves money - so start selling!


Starting with traffic the first pillar of any successful marketing strategy will focus on helping your customers to find your flooring business.


Traffic is the key to your success. The more visitors you have on your website, the higher chance of increasing leads and sales. To increase traffic, there are tried-and-true strategies that work, don’t reinvent the wheel. - such as Search Engine Optimization, advertising across social media platforms or simply taking advantage of YouTube and Google Ads for some targeted promotion!


The moment your customer starts looking for a floor installer in your area, the first name that pops up is more likely to be one with great SEO. As local businesses that specialize in installing floors, it's important that your website has good rankings so people can find you when they're searching online. What does this mean? 97% of consumers are turning to search engines like Google and Bing instead of social media or referrals because they want basic information about what companies offer their services locally - which means if yours isn't on top (or even listed), all those potential customers will keep scrolling by without ever knowing you exist!


SEO is an important part of a digital marketing strategy. It has the chance to have the highest return on investment out of all our strategies and will help you be found by potential customers that would otherwise not know about your business. In fact, there have been studies that suggest that ROI generated from an investment in SEO can be up to 10 times greater over other marketing strategies!


When you consider that there were over 18 million searches by potential customers every month, it becomes clear why so many advertisers have taken notice of Google AdWords as a powerful advertising tool and they are leveraging Google’s AdWords digital marketing strategy to get leads and convert them into sales.


Lead generation is one of the most important parts in your marketing strategy. Remember, as soon as somebody gives you their contact information they become a lead with high chance to convert into a customer.


There are several ways to obtain information from visitors of your website: free consultation forms, downloadable product and service brochures, onsite targeting, retargeting, etc.


Now that you have leads, it’s time to convert them into customers! This step of digital marketing is called sales. It's when your conversion strategies are used to show these prospects the value of working with a floor installation company such as yours.

Developing a Strong Online Marketing Strategy for Flooring Businesses

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Why it’s important to maintain your flooring company’s website up to date?

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Tools to assist flooring companies in growing their web presence by developing social trust

Marketing is an important part of a flooring contractor business, as it's the only way to let your potential customers know that you offer a service they need.

In order for any company in today’s age to survive and flourish in their respective market, the use of smart tactics such as marketing is essential. Flooring contractors, however, may have trouble going about this task due to a lack of experience or time on hand.

There are many ways by which flooring contractors can effectively advertise themselves, but yes, it's time consuming!

What are the best marketing tools for a flooring contractor?
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The first question you need to ask yourself is "What am I looking to get out of my marketing?" There's no one-size fits all, so think about who your target audience is and what they might be interested in.


Luckily there are many creative ways for a small business with limited funds like yours


The main tools a flooring business needs are


-a website -

When it comes to attracting customers online, a website that is visually appealing and easy-to-navigate can make or break your business. In order for this to happen, you need an attractive layout with intuitive navigation features and quality content—one which will keep visitors from clicking away in search of something more interesting


Many flooring companies take the time and money necessary for investing in their own clean site design because they understand how important these factors are when considering customer engagement rates on any given page.


Along with having a quality visual web presence in general (including high resolution visuals), there's no shortage of other things you should be doing as well: updating content regularly; optimizing pages so they're easily found by Google crawlers; using SEO tactics like keywords throughout the text copy, add high-quality photos of the projects you've done, include customer reviews as often as possible.


- a lead generation source -

Getting leads for flooring contractors is a time-intensive process that can't be simplified to just buying ads. Contrary to what many flooring business owners seem to believe, paying for spots on billboards or local TV stations won't cause phone calls from interested people to come pouring in either and you need an effective strategy if you want your chances of getting more leads.


While you can create a strategy in-house for generating flooring leads, it's always most effective to hire an outside lead generation company like LeadMode Digital Marketing. There are many reasons as well as benefits of hiring someone with this expertise.


- social media tools -

Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers and by using different platforms, you can target the audience that will most likely want your product. There are numerous social media sites people use including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, and Pinterest- so it's important for flooring companies who market their services in this manner to find out which platform they should be on based on what demographic they're targeting because if someone isn't an active user there won’t be any engagement or conversations going on about them.


You can create and place paid ads on social media to generate leads for your flooring business.


These platforms are great at drawing more people in so that they can learn about the services you provide, which means there's an opportunity for connections with interested parties who will turn into customers as well!


- paid advertising tools -

One of the fastest ways to earn leads for your flooring business is through pay-per-click advertising. When you conduct a Google search, these paid advertisements will show up at the top before organic results are displayed.


The first thing people see when they do a google search is usually an advertisement that has been purchased by someone who wants their website or service seen in front of potential customers and prospects. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in trying out then it could be worth looking into marketing companies like us with experience in getting clients through paid advertising


PPC ads are a fantastic strategy for flooring contractors because not only can you regulate your budget, but it also means that no matter what the price of each click is, you'll never pay more than your maximum bid. It's great to be able to draw in high-intent searchers who are looking for something "now". And PPC doesn't stop there: people clicking on these advertisements tend to buy as well since they're at the bottom of their sales funnel and ready for purchase.


PPC drives immediate results. That's why it is a great option for those who want to quickly boost traffic and drive qualified leads with some simple tweaks.


- reviews -

How do people decide what services they need and what company to work with when it comes to any type of service? The answer is reviews! Would you spend your money on something that has a low rating? Well, neither would your potential customer and this is why.


Top-notch flooring services are hard to come by these days so it's essential for consumers who have cash in their pockets to read reviews before purchasing - especially if they want the top notch flooring services! Reviews will tell them what others think about your service as well as whether other customers were satisfied with them or not; ratings can also give an indication of how trustworthy (or untrustworthy) a flooring company may be which could save someone from getting ripped off. With just a quick Google search, someone can get any information they could ever hope for about your flooring services.


Online reviews are a critical component of developing social trust. Many homeowners get nervous about investing so much money with companies they've never dealt with before, but high quality reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites can help ease these people's minds by proving that the company is great at what it does.


So what is your rating looks like?


With our experts on your side, you can showcase the reviews that customers leave about your work. We provide a testimonials page at the top of every site to put these customer's comments right there at their fingertips!

How could project pictures make or damage your flooring marketing efforts?

If you're a flooring company, it's time to step up your game!

Start taking pictures of yourself installing new floors and refinishing old ones; people are more likely to buy from companies that promote their work with images showing the before-and-after process.

Visuals are always more engaging, and people will prefer looking at pictures over reading a bunch of text.

Visual people will enjoy seeing the dramatic before and after effects of flooring installation on your website and your social media. So it's in your best interest to post project pictures on your website and social media because you want customers to be engaged with your work!

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By now you know that the first step to capturing the attention of potential clients is through your website. If you want people looking at it, be sure that they can see all the work you've done in the past and how good the final product looks!


Make sure you upload high resolution photos! You're a professional. So act like one and show it off! Uploading low-resolution photos may not seem like a big deal but when visitors are scrolling down their screen with so many other options, low-resolution images of your work will not show them how good of a work you did in details and won't do justice to your flooring company, so upload high quality pictures instead!


Use photos of your work to equip potential clients with all the information they need before deciding on hiring you for their next job. If you specialize in refinishing hardwood flooring, include some pictures showcasing past projects as well as an "after" photo - so people know what makes you different from other companies out there. You post these pictures online to your social media and website's gallery page where visitors will be able to see more than just words or vague images about how great your company is; they'll actually get a real insight into what separates you from everyone else too!


This small and seemingly insignificant change will make a huge difference in successfully developing your online presence with project pictures!

Identifying flooring marketing trends and changes, and continuously enhancing your flooring marketing based on these factors

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Why isn't referral marketing sufficient for flooring companies?

Word of mouth has always helped people find flooring service providers because they trust their friends and family more than they do a marketing pitch.
With the rise in popularity of referral programs, formalizing this process with one that allows satisfied customers to benefit from spreading the word about your business is still a good process to have dialed in when it comes to customer acquisition. But lately, people can't seem to find the time to ask their friends individually what flooring company they recommend. They just want a top-quality expert right in front of them, so as soon as it looks like their floors are looking dull and worn out, people go straight for online reviews on Google or Yelp instead.
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When someone comes to your website and they are interested in becoming a client, you can offer them advice on where best to start. A referral page added to your site is a must. Also, add an email footer that links back to the referral page detailing how it works or send out an introductory email after their first contact with your customer inviting them for more information about potential projects. Helping people through this process will increase conversion rates!


Just a simple text added to your website can do wonders!: “Our business runs based on referrals, if you enjoyed working with us, the best compliment you can give is referring us to some of your friends or colleagues. Do you know anyone right now that needs work done?”


Asking for referrals is still helpful for your flooring business but it shouldn't be the only form of customer acquisition you rely on. Times have changed! today more than 80% of customers are looking for services like yours online and if you are not adapting towards the new consumer behavior you are left behind and missing enormous amounts of leads and revenue.


Referral marketing is great, but it's not enough these days to rely on word of mouth. With the right flooring marketing program, your company can be at the WORLD'S attention with just a click!


This where digital marketing comes in!


By focusing on your online presence your customer will find you instead of you chasing them Digital marketing is a powerful way to set your business apart from the competition. But as more and more companies invest in these services, it becomes increasingly difficult for individual businesses to break through the noise-and this can be especially true when you're up against so many competitors with similar offerings.


Finding unique ways of promoting yourself online will help ensure that potential customers are impressed by what they see on their screens instead of feeling like there's no reason why they should spend money at one company over another because everyone seems exactly alike!


We know that you would rather spend your time focusing on the day-to-day operations of your business than running around trying to get clients.


That’s why we offer marketing campaigns and strategies for flooring companies so they can grow their businesses more efficiently with less work.

Hiring knowledgeable flooring marketing experts

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How will we help your flooring company grow with our marketing solutions?

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Great flooring website examples