Website Design Service in Sugar Hill/ Buford, GA

Here’s what What we offer:

We create visually appealing websites

All of our websites are mobile friendly and responsive

All of our websites have on-page SEO included

Clearly communicate your product and service offerings

Isn’t that funny that the first question someone ask when you start talking about your business is “what is your website address?”

Laura Beskid

SEO Consultant

What we know:

In 2021’s technological world, every business’s success depends on having a professional looking website that not only looks amazing, it is also well optimized, it’s functional and converts the visitors in customers. Searching for goods and services has taken precedent over newspapers, yellow pages or billboards.

More than 80% of searches are done on mobile devices and unfortunately many websites are still not mobile responsive.

At LeadMode Digital Marketing we develop our strategies based on the current digital ecosystem, the proven methods that work in your industry with the end results in our mind. Our goal for your website is to drive growth and maximize the return on your investment. This can be done by a good optimization of your existing or new website that will lead to a better conversion rate, driving more traffic to your website, but traffic that will actually convert to new customers.

Conversion rate optimization is a structured approach to improve the performance of your website Attracting traffic to websites is simply half of the equation. If they actually do land on your website and your website looks unprofessional they will not trust your company and will not move forward in the buying process! Your website is your first contact with your possible customer and we all know how important opinions are!! Keep in mind you only have a couple of seconds to get your possible customers attention after they land on your website. To many business owners are trying to “save” on things like they actually need to shine on. With cheap, generic websites you are actually turning customers away! And I’m sure you can’t afford that!

Your website needs to build confidence and show that you are a professional in your field. This is where our SEO practices will come in handy: to convert all those visitors to take some kind of action on your site: call, fill out a form or email you.

There is no point to drive traffic to a website that doesn’t convert. It is just a waste of money. On the other hand a good website will give your visitors all the information they need to take the next step in the buying process, whatever that is. Either fill out a form on your website, email you, schedule an appointment or call you directly! You always need a clear and visible call to action on your website!

Mobile Responsive Web Design

We create custom website that are visually appealing, easy to use and an absolute converting machine, because we have tested the layouts for years! You'll get a website that not only looks excellent but also encourages visitors to become customers by implementing our marketing tactics into the design.

All of our websites are mobile friendly and responsive. They look good on every screen size no matter of the device. We wouldn’t even think we would need to mention this as in 2021 more than 80% of all internet activity happens on mobile devices but unfortunately we had clients coming to us with poor websites that are not responsive done by other web design companies or by their cousin or nephew.

If your site isn't mobile-friendly—that is, it doesn't display effectively on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with small screens—you risk alienating a significant portion of your target audience. To find out if your site is mobile-friendly, click below to go to Google's mobile-friendly testing tool and test it!

Our initial consultation will consist in finding out everything about your company and then trying to communicate that through your website. Your website represents your image on the internet so we will try to capture as much as we can in the initial meeting.

All of our websites have a clear call to action. Visitors will get in touch with you in one way or another as we always give them several options like your location, driving info, phone number, contact forms or email address.

We make sure the content on your website is unique well-written that will attract traffic and impound links from other website. Good, strong content is one of the largest contributor to high rankings in search engines.

All the pictures on your website will be licensed and the license will be sent to you with all the access information to your site. If the pictures are sent to us by you we do require a written statement that the pictures belong to you as we do not want you, or us to deal with any copywriting problems later on.

All of our websites have on-page SEO included so you won’t have to worry about the fact that your website is not well optimized for the search engines

Clearly communicate your product and service offerings

We can assist you in determining the website's primary goal in order to ensure that it is properly configured to meet google search, Bing, yahoo and other search engines requirements.

What we offer:

When website visitors lose patience, you lose business. 1 out of 2 visitors expect your mobile site to load within a couple of seconds.

What to expect:

A basic 5 page website (Home, Services, About, Our Work, Contact and an optional Thank you page) build on Weebly starts form $750. If you want us to build it on WordPress the price starts at $1 000. Additional pages can be added as needed.

There are several reasons why we choose to also work with Weebly but we will talk about that at our first meeting.

  Website builds require upfront payment. You will retain the ownership of the website, all the content and licensed pictures. At delivery you will receive all the access information for your domain registrar, hosting and website access.

If you need a payment plan please reach out to us and we can work with you on that.


All websites will have a custom contact form, licensed pictures, testimonial section, SSL certificate, SEO optimized content, social media buttons and other call to action buttons.

Website builds do not include domain registration, branded email box and hosting expenses. This will be invoiced separately.

We always send you previews of the site before it’s published so you can make changes as needed, Changes can be also made after the website is published too.

Weebly and WordPress Website Design Company

Some of the tools and technologies we use to help with our work


We're right here in Metro Atlanta, GA and if you have a question, need a consult, an update on your website, or a rebuild of your current site just reach out to us at:


If you already have a website but it needs an update we offer free website analysis. Feel out the contact form, give us as much information you can about your needs and your actual website and we will get back to you with a free analysis of your website and your web presence and a few solutions you can start implementing yourself or let us help you with it. We will give you tips where to start and what you need to do if you prefer to work on your website yourself and all free of charge.

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We collaborate with other companies and we can also offer:


Logo design


Photography services (photos of your projects, professional photos of your team, photos of your vehicles, etc)


Facebook page setup and management