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Benefits of Lead Generation:

Uniquely Tailored

Our lead generation services are tailored to your biz. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach and we tailor our strategies specifically for the niche of your business, so you get better quality leads that match what they're looking for.

True Partnership

We won’t just give you a recycled list of leads and send you on your way. You’ll continue to get a steady stream of leads from all of our digital properties, month after month.

Exclusive Leads

Unlike what you may have experienced with companies like Thumbtack or HomeAdvisor, we won’t farm your leads out to other business owners in your niche. As long as you remain a loyal client, your leads will only go to you!

Why do you need lead generation services?

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any company. It is clear that the success of your company relies on whether you are able to bring in revenue and leads from customers. Whether you're running a small business or leading one, it's important to know that investing in lead generation services needs to be worth your time and money for them to work effectively.

Do you know what the key factor of success really boils down to? It's whether or not your company has a steady flow of new customers coming through its doors each day- that means jobs and potential sales opportunities are up there on everyone’s priority list! We've taken all these factors into consideration when creating our lead generation services package for small businesses like yours. By utilizing our proven techniques, we can help get those phone lines ringing and bring in more quality clients to your business!

What we know:

The world of lead generation is always changing and the demand for leads never stops increasing.

There really are numerous strategies to increase your target market to generate new leads, but what works best now may not work as well in a few years’ time!

You may use newsletters, paid advertising, or social media to create shares and clicks, or you may develop collaborations with other companies.

The way that businesses increase their clientele has changed over recent decades; it seems like every other year we hear about an up-and-coming strategy for achieving this goal. While some methods seem successful at first glance when compared to others they can fail miserably sometimes. In the past, we focused on paid marketing strategies like PPC campaigns but now rather than relying on paid advertising, we use organic SEO to get you more leads because it’s a constant flux of leads and cheaper in the long run. These leads are exclusive to you and are not being shared with other 5 businesses in your market that compete on a price.

Lead Development vs. Lead Buying

There's a big difference between generating leads and purchasing them. When you generate your own, you target your market, define their needs, look for ideal prospective customers to connect with - the best quality of lead there is.

Purchasing from directory companies or other businesses can result in poor quality leads that don't meet customer expectations

Why Lead Generation is Far More Effective

Generating your own leads is the best way to get high quality and exclusive ones. Why you ask? This approach offers exclusivity, immediacy of response time, improved conversion rates because it's one on one marketing instead of competing with other companies' ads all over a website page.

Advantages of generating your own leads:

They are exclusive to you

They are targeted by location

All lead are fresh, good quality leads

You decide which lead is profitable to you and worth the time to follow up on

What is the Issue with Buying Leads?

Most of the leads that you are buying are 90% time poor quality leads, old and not interested in purchasing your services anymore.

Most of these leads are sold to several businesses at the same time so you compete on price with other companies

#1 Lead Generation Company in Metro Atlanta

We are not in the business of reselling leads, we are not a brokerage company, we are marketers that generate leads directly and efficiently only for the one company we work in a specific market.

Leads come directly to you by live phone calls, text messages or forms.

What is Local Lead Generation?

It’s a whole process that has only one end result in mind: help you dominate your local market.

How Our Lead Generation Service Works

Lead generation websites are a very different animal. They are like the cars designed to race. These sites, instead of showing of several products or services like the client sites do, aim to drive traffic to specific services and hopefully convert them into paying clients by providing more aggressive SEO techniques than your average website does - which can lead it up in Google's rankings pretty quick. They're likened almost as race cars that might look similar on the outside but you won't see what they have under their hood! They don't have many features that client sites do, these “vehicles” only come equipped with racing seats as well as spoilers on their backsides so drivers will be able to go faster when necessary. These lead generation sites were made with one thing in mind: winning “races” at all costs.

Leading the market, one website at a time.

What if you could go into any city and launch your business in order to capture more leads without putting up tens of thousands of dollars?

That’s the approach we take with the lead generation websites. By creating non-branded websites built either in the market you are already in for the purpose of dominating your market and capturing as many leads as possible, or in a city you want to expand in as a way to widen your net and test the market without a big investment from your part before making an expensive move.

We complete these sites according to our knowledge in SEO combined with some specific tricks unique only to us - keywords; backlink (yes even black hat); citation from high-value websites, GMB verification process, monitoring rankings for keywords targeted, tweaking everything until we hit that magic spot! Once the site is ranked in the MAP pack as well as in the organic search, it will generate a lot of traffic, generating calls and form submissions.

This is the time when we find a company to partner with in case we don’t already have one!

This is the time when we forward the calls and the form submissions to the business we work with!

Each website has its own unique and local phone number – a tracking number so we always know how many phone calls our lead generation sites bring in for our partners and how many form submissions. All the calls are tracked and logged in our data base and sent to you at the end of each month.

If you ever paid for leads you know the price can vary from $15-$150+ / lead depending on the niche and the size of the market you are in. That seems pretty affordable already keeping in mind that the leads are exclusive ( nobody else gets them but you), we only charge 20% of the value of the job and you only pay if you do the job (meaning it’s a good lead and you have good closing rate…things we discuss on our first meeting).

Tracking all this leads can be time consuming and at the end of the month it really adds up for the business owner so we thought about an easier way to do this and make it more affordable for you! Instead of paying per leads, you simply pay a flat fee per month for every lead generation website we build for you. If you need more than one you can even get a great package deal!

Generally with a monthly flat fee, a business comes out a lot better than with a pay per lead option but we can work with both! It’s up to you!

Lead generation sites are owned by us. You are paying a monthly fee for renting them. All the content, branding and pictures belong to LeadMode Digital Marketing. When you decide you no longer need leads in a specific market the leads will be sold to another company without your approval as you do not own the lead generation website!

There is an affordable setup fee you need to pay upfront that can vary from $500 -$2 000 depending on the niche you are in. This is for us to make sure you don’t change your mind while we are still working to rank the site…to make sure you have some skin in the game too! All the other expenses that come with ranking a website are on us. You do not pay for anything else at this point except for the leads if you choose the pay per lead model or for the monthly rental fee if you choose that road.

What we offer:

LeadMode Digital Marketing  a Top Metro Atlanta Lead Generation Company

We’re looking for partners. When you decide to work with us, your business becomes our business. For that reason, we won’t just work with anyone.

Gain more sales opportunities in metro Atlanta area.

Book a free consultation.

If you think you might be a good fit for our lead generation services, click the button below to request an appointment. We will reach out to you and give you some basic advice straight to your inbox showing you exactly how we would go about getting more clients into your business and how to improve your online presence even if we think we might not be a good fit.

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